​​Convention Hall, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra Island, INDOENSIA

The Convention Hall is located in the main campus of Andalas University. It was constructed in 2012 and serves as a venue for university events, conferences and workshops. The building has one main hall and four seminar rooms. The capacity of the main hall is 500 persons.

About Padang City

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra, and it becomes the largest city on the western coast of Sumatra Island. Padang is the gateway to the Minang highlands. As a city of art and culture, Padang is popular with the legend of Malin Kundang and Siti Nurbaya, and it annually held some festivals to support the tourism sector.

Padang occupies by more than 800 thousands residents and are mostly from Minangkabau ethnic group. Another Ethnic settled is Javanese, Chinese, Nias, Mentawai, Batak, Acehnese, and Tamil. Among the people of Indonesia, the name of the city is generally associated with the Minangkabau ethnic cuisine and they are commonly known as Masakan Padang or Padang cuisine. Famous throughout Indonesia for its distinctive cuisine, Padang is the place to go to sample the famous spicy nasi padang food that has spread throughout the country and the world. Padang food includes such delicacies as the spicy coconut curry rendang and soto padang. 

How to reach Padang City and Andalas University

Padang City can be reach by air through Minangkabau International Airport. There are 4 possible hubs available to travel from abroad to Minangkabau International Airport;

  • The main hub is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta will take 1 hr 30 minutes by flight. Many air transport services are available such as Garuda Indonesia Airways, Citilink, Batik Air, Sriwijaya Air, and Lion Air.
  • Halim Perdana Kusuma International Airport in Jakarta will take 1 hr 30 minutes by flight (by Citilink and Batik Air).
  • Kuala Namu International Airport in Medan with 1 hour flight  (by Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport with 1 hour flight (by Air Asia)

From Minangkabau Airport to Andalas University:

  • It will take 1 hour Travel by Taxi (Coast around Rp 200.000 – Rp 300.000)    *1 USD = Rp. 13.000

Hotels in Padang City

There are several hotels available in Padang, ranging from one star to four stars hotels. International hotel chain are also available such as Mercure Padang (4 stars), Kyriad Bumi Minang (3 stars), and Ibis Hotel Padang (3 stars). Inna Muara hotel, Daima hotel, and Pangeran beach hotel are also recommended. Andalas University can be reached in 30 minutes by taxi from Padang city centre where most hotels located. For a special occasion, such as seminar or conference, some hotels can be booked and gives special rates if booked in advance.

Visa Informatiom

According to the Indonesia Presidential Regulation No. 21 Year 2016, 169 countries do not require a visa to enter Indonesia for a short visit of up to 30 (thirty) days. This visa waiver scheme is not only valid for leisure trips, but also valid for attending seminar or conference in Indonesia. Details about Indonesian Visa can be found at:

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