Tourist Places

Old Town of Padang

The amazing architecture of building keeps the mystery of historical event in the past during Dutch Colonial. The Old Town which lays aside form Jl. Pasa Gadang around China Town is located at the mouth of Batang Arau, approximately 25 kilometers to Bukit Barisan. As a center of commerce in the past, tourist can see the facts that many old buildings are still used as warehouse as well as the place to live. Recently the government had build a bridge called “ Sity Nurbaya “ as the icon of The Old Town. You can also find many food stalls of traditional culinary and cafes along the way.

West Sumatra National Museum

This is the only museum we can find in Padang. The Architecture of this traditional Minangkabau building is a museum with bull hoarded roof, and located in an area with approximately of 2.6 hectares at Jl. Diponegoro 10 Padang. Here, it is stored a lot of histories about Minangkabau cultures. To get here, tourists form Minangkabau International Airport only take around 30 minutes drive by public transportation. Tourist who visit can see various collections, amounting to 5,781 items consists of the collection of archeological pieces, numismatic and heraldika, keramologika, etnografika, art, teknologika, biologika, geogolika, historika and filologika. It opens from 8 am to 4 pm everyday but Monday.

Air Manis Beach

When you hear the gentle sound waves run to the beach, it creates the feeling of cool and serene. Air Manis beach sand has brown albescent spread wide and the sloping edge along the coast. Therefore, this beach is very suitable for picnic, play waves, surfing, and camping. In Air Manis beach, there is a famous legend called “godless children Malin Kundang”. It s a stone inscription form debris physic name Maling Kundang. When the waves come and slam on the stone, you can hear a voice like the sound of mourning and weeping. Not far from the beach, an island that appears to stand with its classic ness is also so intersecting to visit. The island is known as The Small Pisang island. It has lots of monkeys inside and it looks like a two separate islands although actually they are joined into once.

Kwan Im Pagoda (Chinese Town)

Pagoda is the name commonly used to refer to temples or places of worship and religious activities of chinese society and the adherents of the three responsibilities ( Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian ). Kwan Im Temple is one of the heritages which tourits can find the old town of Padang, precisely in Kampung Pondok village.


Anai Valley

This preserved wild life reservation is a well known tourist object along the way to Bukittinggi. It has a 40 meter tall of water fall with a small rocky big proof underneath. This place is equipped with facilities such as prayer rooms, restaurants, and traditional snack shops around it. This amazing area is very crowded especially in the weekend with domestic or other countries tourist. People come for sightseeing, enjoying the cool weather with family or swimming. In addition, it is also a house of many rare plants and flowers like Rafflesia Arnoldy.

Kelok 9

Significant roads include the Trans-Sumatran Highway which runs the length of the province, heading north-west towards Medan and south-east towards Jakarta, the road between Padang and Bukittinggi, and the road between Bukittinggi and Pekanbaru. The provincial government plans to upgrade the later two roads over the next few years to improve traffic flows . In January 2012, the Kelok Sembilan 970-meter long overpass was ready to be opened to the public and was in the trial stage which will be opened for vehicles in April 2012. Kelok Sembilan means 9 sharp turns is an area through which a road with tight bends passes through hilly terrain in the middle of a valley, a nice scenery, but cause congestion.After the overpass opens, the old Kelok Sembilan road is still open for tourists.

Harau Valley

Harau valley is one of the main attractions in 50 Kota districts, located in the district of Taratang Harau. This valley is shaped by steep wall with a height of 100 – 200 m. Here you can enjoy the natural charm of nature complete with swimming pool, garden tours, children’s playground, butterfly garden, water bikes, gift shop, gazebo, etc.

Pagaruyuang Palace

Adorned with intricate beautiful wooden carving, this grand palace is the symbol of philosophy, history and culture of Minangkabau people. This three story building has 11 horned roof gables and 72 pillars, a small mosque, Tabuah (big drum) and Rangkiang Patah X (traditional rice barn). Situated in Pagaruyuang Village Tanjung Emas sub district, it is about 105 km from Padang and 5 hours drive by public transportation. This grand palaceis the replica of “Raja Alam Minangkabau” (  A King of Minangkabau ). It was burnt down by Dutch in 1804 and rebuilt again after a  monsoon lightning burn down the palace in 2007. Some souvenir shops, restaurants, and a mosque can be found around.

Jam Gadang (The big clock Tower)

This building is 26 meters high, with the Dutch’s style and was built by an architect from Minang named Yazin Sutan Gigi Ameh. This building is located in the Centre of Bukittinggi and has changed on the shape of its roof. This clock was built in 1926, and moved mechanically as a present from the queen of Holland to The Dutch Indische Company. The process of building this clock spent a quite big fund (3.000 Gulden). Jam Gadang is the icon of Bukittinggi which is always visited by visitors from domestic and foreign countries. It is also one of the biggest Centre of economics in West Sumatra.


Sianok Canyon (Ngarai Sianok)

Sianok Canyon is a valley with a wall height of 100 meters at an angle of 90 degrees and located 2 km from the canter of Bukittinggi with 15 kilometers longer 200 meters wide. The bottom of the canyon is attributary flowing trace slits cliff with the background on Mount Merapi and Mount Singgalang. The view of the beautiful canyon can be enjoyed through Panorama Park, Bukittinggi. This place is also the location for campers which is always crowded every weekend. Recently, the Sianok is increasingly visited by tourist since it has got “The Great Wall of Koto Gadang” around it, which is almost similar to the Great Wall of China.

The Railway Museum

Have you ever watched the Siti Nurbaya’s movie? In this old movie, you can find that train became one of the most important transportation long time ago. The train station in West  Sumatra was firstly built in 1912 and finally closed in 2003. The government stopped the operation since then train didn’t use to carry coals any longer. It was officially opened for public on Dec 17, 2005. Visitors can find a lot of equipment which have been more than 100 years here. Thus, with the return of the E 1060 “Mak Itam” which was found on February 21, 2009, it has finally completed the collection of the museum.

Mbah Soero Mining Tunnel

If you are an adventurer, you should visit this area. It’s the first opened Tunnel in Soegar Valley which was supervised by Mbah Soero and very famous in Sawahlunto. It’s around 15 meters deep with 2 meters width under the ground. It was established in 1891 and opened after renovation in 2007. It soon becomes one of tourist destinations in Sawahlunto. In addition it is almost similar to the other mining area, where it’s also got “the chain men” who were force to work here.

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