Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit full-length papers (Minimum 6 to maximum 10 pages) in prescribed format (Full Paper format) through easychair link

During the initial full paper submission process via easychair, it is the authors’ responsibility to provide corresponding author address, list of all co-authors. Author also has to provide the paper title and abstract not more than 500 words with keywords. While submitting the full paper author has to give the category and sub-category of the paper as per the conference themes.

Steps to upload the abstract through easychair;

Before login, please register in easy chair at

After successful registration, login through conference

Author will directly get the conference platform page to upload their full paper.

Click New Submission in menu bar

Author will get New Submission for ICEE 2017 page

Follow the instructions, step by step, and then use the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. The required fields are marked by (*).

Address for correspondence

Authors details

Author 1

Author 2

Author 3

For additional authors

Click here to add more authors

Title, Abstract and Other Information

Title of the Paper Abstract (paste your abstract)

Select the Theme and sub-theme of your abstract

Type a list of keywords, one per line to characterize your submission. You should specify at least three keywords.

Upload Paper

If you submit only an abstract (.pdf), then tick the Abstract Only box

If you filled out the form, press the 'Submit' button below. Do not press the button twice: uploading may take time!

Author has to submit the .pdf file of the full paper.

If author have any questions regarding the submission of full paper, please contact the Organizing Chair, Dr. Raju Aedla at


The presented papers for the conference will be published in International Journal of Civil Engineering & Technology (IJCIET), ISSN: 0976 - 6308 (Print), 0976 - 6316 (Online), Indexed in Scopus; International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJASEIT), ISSN: 2088-5334, e-ISSN: 2460-6952, Indexed in Scopus and International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering (IJEE), ISSN 0974-5904 is indexed in DOI Crossref, USA; Geo-Ref Information Services, USA; i-Scholar, List B of Scientific Journals in Poland; Indian Science; Scientific Indexing Services (SIS); Genamics JournalSeek; Worldcat (USA); International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR); Thomson Reuters ResearcherID:B-2966-2017; Directory of Research Journals; Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI); SJR: 0.17 (2014); H-index: 6 (2015); CSIR-NISCAIR, INDIA Impact Factor 0.042 (2011); I2OR PIF: 4.125 (2016).

Best Paper Awards

The best papers will be awarded during the conference:

  • TWO (2) Best Paper Awards for each technical session
  • TWO (2) Young Scientist Awards from the conference (based on overall performance), 1 for earth sciences and 1 for engineering.
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