Call for Papers

The conference technical program will consist of plenary addresses, keynote addresses by eminent scientists/academicians and technical paper presentations. Papers are invited from Academicians, Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, Research Scholars and students as well as Industrial Professionals from all over the globe. The authors are requested to submit full paper within 8 pages as per prescribed format on or before the deadline. The full paper should include cover letter and full details (affiliation, address, telephone, fax, email id and other contact information) of the corresponding author. Full papers submitted by authors will be peer double blind reviewed by the Technical Committee members and based on reviewer’s comments/suggestions, then selected for oral presentation during the conference. Authors can submit the papers not limited to below listed themes.

Themes of the conference

Earth Sciences
Earth and Planetary Material Science
Solid Earth Physics
Hydrosphere Science
Planetary Science
Isotope Hydro-meteorology
Isotope Geochemistry
Dynamics on Earth Materials
Evolutional Paleontology
Earth and Planetary Chemistry
Construction of Smart Cities
Paleoenvironmental Science
Earth and Planetary Electromagnetism

Engineering Geology & Applied Geology
Sedimentology & Hydrology
Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology
Historical Geology
Structural Geology
Geocryology & Volcanology
Marine Geology & Volcanology
Geochemistry and Ore Deposits
Mathematical Geology
Ore Deposit Modeling
Rock Magnetism and Marine Geology
Seismology & Geothermics
Geodynamics, Geophysics and Tectonics Geohazards

Architecture and Building Engineering
Architectural Planning, Design and History
Architectural Environment
Regional Environment
Global Environment
Urban Planning
Building Construction and Structures
Maintenance and Management
Energy Conservation
Material Recycling
Disaster Prevention and Universal Design

Structures and Construction
Earthquake-Resistant Design
Sustainable Construction
Structural Planning

Building Production and Materials
Renovation and Reinforcing
Improved Concrete
Eco-friendly Materials

Atmosphere & Ocean Sciences
Atmospheric Composition
Climate Variability & Change
Mesoscale Dynamics & Cloud Processes
Climate Variability & Change
Mesoscale Dynamics & Cloud Processes
Polar Weather & Climate
Meteorology & Climatology

Energy Science and Engineering
Thermal & Heavy Oil Recovery
Terrestrial Energy Sciences
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Energy and Climate Change
Thermal Energy Geothermal Energy
Electrochemical Engineering
Solar Energy
Maritime Energy
Electromechanical Energy
Materials for Energy
Energy Management and Control

Water Sciences and Engineering
River Processes
Urban Systems
Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management
Sustainable Water Resources
Environmental Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures
Surface and Ground Water Modelling
Water Resources Planning, Policy and Management

Soil Sciences and Engineering
Soil Policy, Strategy and the Future of Soil
Pedology and Geomorphology
Soil Mapping, Monitoring and Interpretation
Soil and Land Degradation
Soil Fertility and Soil Contaminants
Soil Physics and Processes
Soil Chemistry and Biology
Soil Mineralogy
Underground Construction and Tunneling
Rock Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Geo-environmental Engineering
Ground Improvement and Geo-Synthetics
Geotechnical Risk Assessment and Management
Forensic Investigation Geosynthetics Engineering

Mining and Blasting Engineering
Mass Mining
Mine Geoscience and Predictive Rock Behaviour
Statistical Decision Science and Stochastic Modeling
Geostatistics and Spatial Modeling
Regional Resource Assessment
Blast Science
Clean Coal Technologies
Dewatering and Drying
Drilling Technology
Drilling, Blasting, Tunneling and Excavation
Education in Mining
Exploration Studies
Mine Design and Planning
Mine Mechanization and Ventilation
Mining Policies and Mine Legislation
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Occupational Health and Safety
Risk Assessment and Management in Mining
Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Applications

Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Dynamics
Global Environmental Change and Ecosystems Management
Climate and Climatic Changes
Carbon Capture and Storage
Integrated Ecosystems Management
Satellite Applications in the Environment
Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Sustainability
Clean Technologies
Hazardous Substances and Detection Techniques

Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
Global Change on Environmental Applications
Water Quality and Water Resources
Agriculture and Soil
Vegetation and Crops
Land Use/ Land Cover
Mountain Environment and Mapping
Coastal Zone Management
Urban Change/Monitoring
Feature Extraction and Change Detection
Satellite Digital Image Processing
Automatic/Intelligent Classification
Data Fusion and Data Mining
GIS Decision Support and Models
GIS Application in Resource Management
GPS and Photogrammetry

Ocean and Coastal Engineering
Ocean Engineering and Offshore Technology
Ocean and Coastal Observation Systems
Ocean Renewable Energy and Development
Coastal Processes
Port & Harbour Engineering and Dredging
Coastal Environment
Coastal Disasters and Risk Management
Coastal Planning, Policy and Management

Materials Science and Engineering
Material Physical Properties
Microstructure, Interface Control and Engineering
Advanced Materials Processing
Environmental Engineering Materials
Functional Materials Design

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