Participants may have to manage their own accommodation during the conference. The following Hotels are recommended to arrange the local transportation from Padang Airport to the hotels and to Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia during the conference days.

*Reservation Code at Amaris Hotel and Daima Hotel is "ICEE UNAND" for Special rate.

Amaris Hotel
Sudiman 19 Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Room Type and Prize:
Smart Room : IDR 410,000.00 (31 USD)
Smart Family Room : 470,000.00 (35.07 USD)
Facilities: WiFi and Breaskfast 2 Persons
Contact Person : Mutia Swastika / Rama
Email Id:
Contact Numbers:
Phone No.: +62-751-30754
Mobile No. Mutia : +62-82269608170
                 Rama  : +62 81267140140
Website: http:/ /

Pangeran Beach Hotel
Ir. H. Juanda 79, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Room Type and Prize:
Superior Mountain view : IDR 666,000.00 (49.25 USD)
Superior Beach view: IDR 760,000.00 (56.72 USD)
Junior Suite: IDR 1375,000.00 (102.61 USD)
Facilities: WiFi and Breaskfast 2 Persons
Contacts Details:
Rini Yosfiarti
Email Id:
Phione No.:+62-751-7051333
Mobile No.:+62-82382774267

Daima Hotel
Sudirman 17 Padang, Indonesia
Superior: IDR 450,000.00 (33.58 USD)
Deluxe room: IDR 500,000.00 (37.31 USD)
Facilities: WiFi, Breakfast 2 Persons
Contact Details:
Hurul Widyana
Email ID:
Phone No. +62-751-892700
Mobile No.+62-85376489500

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