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About ICEE

Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia and Cafet Innova Technical Society (CITS), Hyderabad, Telangana, India are jointly organizing 4th International Conference on Earth Sciences and Engineering (ICEE–2017) during 29th–31st August, 2017. Conference aims to bring together and provide a platform to Researchers, Engineers, Scientists and Academicians as well as Industrial Professionals from all over the globe to present, share and exchange their research results and developmental activities about all parts of earth sciences and engineering. ICEE-2017 is unique in itself due to fusing earth sciences with engineering, which helps the delegates to exchange their experiences face to face, establish research relations and to find global partners for future research collaboration.

4th ICEE-2017

After 10 years of its existence, CITS has organized more than 35 national and international conferences, workshops, symposiums on its own banner and in association with various reputed universities from all over the globe. CITS has organized First International Conference on Earth Sciences and Engineering (ICEE-2010) during 21st– 22nd August, 2010 at Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 2nd ICEE 2015 and 3rd ICEE 2016 were organized during 20th–21st March, 2015 and 17th -18th March, 2016 respectively in association with Department of Civil Engineering, Nehru Institute of Technology (NIT), Coimbatore, India. The fourth in series of ICEE, i.e. 4th International Conference on Earth Sciences and Engineering (ICEE-2017) emphasis on recent scientific developments in Earth Sciences and Engineering.


The presented papers for the conference will be published in International Journal of Civil Engineering & Technology (IJCIET), ISSN: 0976 - 6308 (Print), 0976 - 6316 (Online), Indexed in Scopus; International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJASEIT), ISSN: 2088-5334, e-ISSN: 2460-6952, Indexed in Scopus and International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering (IJEE), ISSN 0974-5904 is indexed in DOI Crossref, USA; Geo-Ref Information Services, USA; i-Scholar, List B of Scientific Journals in Poland; Indian Science; Scientific Indexing Services (SIS); Genamics JournalSeek; Worldcat (USA); International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR); Thomson Reuters ResearcherID:B-2966-2017; Directory of Research Journals; Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI); SJR: 0.17 (2014); H-index: 6 (2015); CSIR-NISCAIR, INDIA Impact Factor 0.042 (2011); I2OR PIF: 4.125 (2016).

Best Paper Awards

The best papers will be awarded based on novelty of research, reviewer’s comments, presentation etc. during the conference.
  • TWO Best Paper Awards from each Technical Session
  • TWO Young Scientist Awards from the conference based on overall performance. ONE award from Science and SECOND one from Engineering.

About Andalas University

Andalas University is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia. It is established on 13th September, 1956 as “UNIVERSITAS ANDALAS (UNAND)”. The university is situated at the west coast of Sumatra Island at the elevation of 300 m above mean sea level. The main campus occupies 5 km2 areas and is located 12 km away from Padang city, the capital of West Sumatra Province. The University consists of 15 faculties and 1 post graduate faculty, such as, Faculty of Agriculture: Department of Agribusiness, Department of Agroecotechnology; Faculty of Agricultural Technology: Department of Agricultural Engineering, Department of Agricultural Product Technology; Faculty of Medicine: Department of General Practitioners, Department of Nursing, Department of Public Health, Department of Psychology, Department of Dentistry; Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics, Department of Biology; Faculty of Law: Department of Legal Studies, Faculty of Economics: Department of Economics Studies, Department of Management, Department of Accounting; Faculty of Animal Husbandry; Faculty of Humanities: Department of Minangkabau Language, culture, and literature, Department of History, Department of Indonesian Language and Literature, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Japanese Language and Literature; Faculty of Engineering: Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering; Faculty of Information Technology: Department of Computer Science, Department of Information System; Faculty of Social Sciences and Politics: Department of Anthropology, Department of Politics Studies, Department of International Relations, Department of Public Administration, Department of Communications, Department of Sociology; Faculty of Pharmacy: Department of Pharmaceutical Science; Faculty of Public Health; Faculty of Nursing; Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Post Graduate Programs.

About CITS

The CAFET-INNOVA Technical Society (CITS) is an international non-profit organization helping the scientific community, laid its foundation in 2007 in Hyderabad, India. The main motto of CITS is to encourage the young talent towards the field of Research and Development (R&D) and harness their intellectual abilities for the betterment of industry. CITS has been organizing various International/National Conferences, Workshops and Guest lecturers etc., across the world. CITS has been publishing international journals like International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering (IJEE) ISSN 0974-5904 Scopus; Compendex; Crossref; Geobase (products hosted on Engineering Village) Elsevier; Geo-Ref Information Services, USA; List B of Scientific Journals in Poland; Indian Science; Scientific Indexing Services (SIS); Directory of Research Journals; SJR: 0.14 (2015); SNIP: 0.2 (2015); H-index: 6 (2015); CSIR-NISCAIR, INDIA Impact Factor 0.042 (2011) and it emphasizes on earth sciences and engineering. International Journal of Coastal and Ocean Research (IJCOR) ISSN 2454-7883, which focuses on theoretical, experimental, computational, field oriented and other innovative ideas of research in the fields of Coastal and Ocean Engineering and Geo-informatics applications worldwide. International Journal of Biological Sciences and Engineering (IJBE) ISSN 0976-1519 is indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), USA and it focuses on biological sciences and engineering. International Journal of Industrial Electronics, Control and Robotics (IJICR) ISSN 2231-4903 focuses on electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering. International Journal of Engineering and Science Students (IJESS) ISSN 2278–7607 aims at providing platform to young researchers in the fields of science and engineering. It is one of the World’s first free student international journals to exclusively highlight the research contribution of undergraduate, Post graduate and Research students in the field of engineering and science. The journal believes that the true research potential of students can be realized by encouraging them to participate in research and acknowledging their achievements.

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